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Wool Carpet Cleaning and Protection

Wool Carpet Cleaning & Protection

Regular cleaning of your Wool Carpet will greatly extend the life of your carpet and help make your home look beautiful day after day

Luxurious Comfort - there is nothing quite like the feeling of a 100% wool carpet underfoot. Soft and comforting, wool carpets will always make your home look and feel amazingly comfortable and more welcoming than any other floor covering.


If you have wool carpet in your home, then you have the world's most durable, tried-and-true carpet fibre known to man.  Wool is the classic floor-covering material, boasting unique properties that ensure design distinction. Wool carpet also contains a natural crimp, which provides its springy, resilient features.

These attributes make your carpet incredibly resilient and virtually resistant to being crushed by the furniture, which typically occurs with many run-of-the-mill carpets. Wool Carpet also presents a thin coating on the surface which makes the carpet both water-resistant and fire-resistant and far more stain-resistant than most other types of carpet. Finally, the inner structure of your wool carpet traps air within, which makes it an excellent insulator of both sound and heat.

Routine maintenance for your Wool Carpet is the only way to ensure your carpets looking their best year after year

Wool carpet cleaning

While your wool carpet has built-in natural “easy care” properties, which means that dust and dirt are held within its pile until they are removed by vacuuming.  Without this regular maintenance, dirt and small particles can become stuck between the fibres, which will shorten the lifespan of this lovely material. It is also recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner fitted with micro-filter systems to ensure that all of the fine particles are removed.

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool Carpets Need to be Cleaned Professional

It is recommended that you have your wool carpet steam cleaned annually. Steam cleaning, when carried out, should be in accordance with Australian/New Zealand carpet cleaning and maintenance standard AS/NZS 3733. It is advisable to request the services of a professional cleaner who is knowledgeable about wool carpeting.  

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning technicians are fully trained and have the skills to properly clean and care for your wool carpet which will help to extend its life and your enjoyment of owning a wool carpet by improving its feel and appearance.

Wool carpet Cleaning

Protecting your Wool Carpet

Wool carpet has long been known as the most stain-resistant on the market.  But if you have a light coloured wool carpet, it is highly recommended that you have the carpet protection applied after cleaning.  By applying carpet protection to your carpets prevent damage to your carpet but more importantly will help to improve the resistance of your wool carpets to soiling and staining, especially on a light-coloured carpet and heavy traffic areas. Once Carpet protection has been applied to your wool carpet you will find that spills and spots are also easier to clean.

Please remember though, that protection is not a bulletproof treatment, carpet protection will buy you time, this means when you have a spillage you still need to mop it up as soon as possible. If you leave the spill on the carpet a stain may still develop.

Wool carpet protection

We care about your carpet  

Your wool carpet is a valuable asset properly the single most expensive item in your home and that’s why it is important to employ qualified carpet technicians that are trained to the ACCI Standards and use a company that will guarantee all workmanship.


At Results Home Services, you can be assured that you will get the services and care your carpet deserves. Phone our office today 3823 2500 and talk with one of our friendly office staff. Yes, we service all of Brisbane.

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