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For over 30 years, Results Home Services have been cleaning carpets for the residence of retirement villages and independent living retirees. If you are a retiree and looking for an excellent carpet cleaning service packaged with pest control that offers a great pensioner discount,  then we are here for you. 

It's not just about having clean carpets

At Results Home Services, we understand that keeping your home clean and hygienic can be very important to your health.  Cleaning carpets regularly will ensure better air quality in your home.  Better air quality in your home leads to better health, and if you are susceptible to a respiratory issue, this will be very important to you.  Better air quality has also proven to lead to better sleep.

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When we come to clean your carpets at your retirement home, you can relax in the knowledge that we only use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and are happy to move necessary furniture to ensure a complete clean.  We also will pre-vacuum all carpet areas before cleaning.

Stain removal


If you need your carpet freshened up or a stain taken out of your upholstery or carpet, we can look after you with. Whether it is urine stain or just a coffee spill, we know how to carefully remove those stains as well as any nasty bacteria, leaving your carpets smelling fresh and hygienic clean.

Having clean, fresh upholstery and carpet is crucial in your home in maintaining good health. Not only is the benefit of clean upholstery to help make your home looking fresh and smell clean, but it also breathes new life into your upholstery, making it feel like new again.

Stain removal for retirement homes

Pest Control and Super Saving Packages Available

Most of our retired clients enjoy packaging their carpet cleaning services together with pest control services which may include our specialised black ant treatment.   Read more about it on our black ant page:


As one of Brisbane leading carpet cleaning companies, we can offer you full carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile grout cleaning and a full complete pest control services.  All provided by professional technicians that really do care about your home.  If you have carpet that you would like to look, feel and smell its best again or you have an annoying stain that is a problem, call us on 38232500.


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Call today on 07 3823 2500 for a carpet cleaning appointment.  We service all of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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