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We have you covered this storm season!

rain drops on window looking out on to grey city scape

Last night greeted this year's storm season with a bang and what a bang it was. Storms thrashed much of Brisbane and while many of us are grateful for the rain, some Brisbanites have been caught out with storm water flood damage in their offices and homes.

Our techs have been kept busy heading to and from Brisbane CBD out to Northside suburbs for storm water damage calls. We understand that water damage is unexpected and treat these calls as emergencies and prioritise them and we always try to get someone there for you no more than a few hours after we hear from you.

Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will extract the water from the carpet and lay an air mover to ensure the carpet is completely dry before our follow up visit to clean and deoderise the carpet.

Why does it take 2 visits?

The reason we need to break the service up into two visits is because it's very common

steam clean beige carpet,blue walls

for browning to occur in carpets after a flooding incident. The reason this happens is because the dirt and dust that was sitting at the base of the pile gets drawn up to the surface of the carpet fibers creating the brownish staining. During the 2nd visit our tech will treat the stain and address any left over odour by steam cleaning the area and applying a sanitiser and deoderiser to the area.

So when disaster hits call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 we have techs on board throughout Christmas and New Years for situations just like these!

We service all of Brisbane and surrounding areas including Northside suburbs like Nundah, Teneriffe, Newstead, Wilston as well as the South side, bayside and western suburbs.

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