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Steam Carpet Cleaning or Dry Carpet Cleaning

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

steam rising from cleaning wand on blue carpet

So you've decided to finally get those carpets cleaned! Now to figure out who to call and book with. Google to the rescue and 157,000,000 results later you are completely lost as to steam cleaning, dry cleaning, truck mounted, hot water extraction...phew!

Let us explain...

Your carpet can be cleaned using two preferred methods (there are others but most companies focus on two). You can have your carpets dry cleaned OR you can have them cleaning using the hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction cleaning gets the colloquialism "steam cleaning" from the steam that is visible rising from the wand over your carpet to draw out pollutants.

What's the difference?

carpet cleaning technician standing behind carpet cleaning van on a sunny day

Well, as their names suggest, the key difference is the primary tool of cleaning that is used. Hot water extraction utilises hot water and steam as a significant component of the clean along with shampoos and stain treatments. Dry cleaning relies on shampoos and detergents and uses a buffer machine to clean, meaning there is minimal water used in the process of cleaning.

Which is better?

Simple question, complicated answer and the answer is: it depends on what you want out of your carpet clean.

Steam cleaning is the best way to get the most hygienic clean because the hot water extraction method reaches deep down to the base of the carpet fibre and lifts out all the dirt, dust and grime that settles there. Ase we use hot water we're killing any germs that might be dwelling in your carpet. The Australian Standards recommend the hot water extraction method and suggest at least annual cleaning is required to maintain the health of your home.

carpet cleaning wand cleaning cream coloured carpets

Because our machines are commercial grade, they have enough power to heat the water to the optimum temperature. They then extract the water out of your carpets with a very powerful vacuum.

Dry cleaning moistens the pads of a buffing machine and uses carpet cleaning solutions and buff over the carpet fibres to clean. The main drawback of dry cleaning is it doesn't reach down to the base of the pile like steam cleaning. Dry cleaning is good to use as a touch up for when you have an event, and you want the carpets looking their best, and you've only had them steam cleaned three or so months ago.

Dry cleaning certainly has a place and is useful in many scenarios, but as a general rule, shouldn't replace steam cleaning.

Carpets needing a little TLC? Call Results Home Services on 38232500 and talk to our friendly team about our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning packages!

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