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Start the new decade on the right foot

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

steam clean over pink carpet in pink room

Looking to start the new year on the right foot? You have the fitness plan in place the new health kick in full swing but have you prepared your home for the year to come?

Many experts agree that having a clean and organised home is the first step to success because if your home is in disarray, how can you expect to organise your life? Most of us take time off over the holidays to do a big spring clean, clear out the clutter and dust, so we're ready for the year to come.

Why not take that one step further and make sure you enjoy the full benefits of clean carpets, clean furniture and a pest-free home? Don't start the new decade swatting away flies or chasing down cockroaches with a shoe!

"My carpets look fine!"

diagram showing how hot water extraction works

Looking around, your carpets may appear fine on the surface, but the vast majority of dirt and dust work down to the base of the pile where it sits waiting to be roughed up again and become airborne.

Your carpets act like your home's air filter and like every filter, it needs to be cleaned regularly to perform at its highest. Bacteria are known for lingering in carpet fibres and having a steam clean (aka hot water extraction clean) is the best way to clear out all of the dirt, debris and germs!

"I haven't seen any pests"

cockroach on bread roll

Waiting until you see pests to have a pest control service is a little like waiting until you drink some water. By the time you notice a problem it's a bit too late! That's not to say that you should just throw your hands up and give in to your new housemates, definitely call a professional.

Having your pest control updated on an annual basis the best way to protect your home from a pest issue in the first place. Prevention is always better than a cure, and our pest service is designed to prevent pest issues from the get-go.

You may see one or two cockroaches here or there, that's just living in Brisbane, but our pest control treatment works quietly in the background eradicating pests when they venture inside before they have a chance to find a mate and start a family.

Give yourself the best possible start to 2020 and call us at 3823 2500 and chat with our friendly team about our different carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and pest control packages. We service all of Brisbane, including Northside and southside suburbs.

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