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Our top tips for promoting a healthy work space

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

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Happy 2020! With the holidays done with and many of us in full swing of our 'new year health kick,' we thought it was the right time to put together our top tips for maintaining a healthy workspace, giving you the best opportunity to succeed.

On average Australians will spend over 2000 hours at their jobs so it's vital to make sure our offices are a healthy place to be so we can focus on our performance not that faint whiff of BO and overripe banana that you've grown so accustomed to.

A healthy space is a clean space!

Start small and take just 5 minutes out of your workday and clean up your desk if you didn't do it on the way out the door last year. Experts say that your desk has more germs than your toilet seat! So a simple wipe down with an antibacterial spray or wipe will make sure you're starting the new year with a clean slate!

Let's get organised!

After the decontamination, why not organise your desk to be precisely how you like it? Spend a few minutes to organise your space, and you will thank yourself for it! Getting back after holidays is always overwhelming so before you open your inbox and let your jaw drop at the number of emails you need to get to, make sure your space allows you to do your best thinking.

Don't forget about your headspace!

This is always something that seems to fall by the wayside when work gets busy, but that's when we need to make sure our minds are taken care of so we can look after that ever-growing to-do list. This will take a little experimentation to find out what works for you; whether it be getting away from the office for lunch, taking 15 minutes to sit quietly in a place, you won't be disturbed or working out some frustration and stress by taking a brisk walk around the block. Taking a step back from the chaos and organising your thoughts is essential for you to perform at your absolute best and prevent stress from taking over.

If you're a manager of an office, perhaps now is an excellent time to consider having the carpet cleaning freshened up or the pest control updated. We can accommodate your office hours and offer out-of-hours and weekend carpet cleaning and pest control services.

Start 2020 off the right way and give your employees the best chance at success by ensuring they have a healthy place to work. Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 to chat with our friendly team!

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