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It's all fun and games until Uncle Steve spills the red wine!

Christmas is a time of celebration and getting together with friends and family! There's always a lot of food, fun and ultimately, spills!

We all know those moments, one minute you're all having fun, the next, time slows down as you watch uncle Steve lose his balance, spilling red wine all over your beautiful, cream carpets.

Steve apologises profusely and you insist it's "all ok! really!" but inside, your stomach is in knots, how on earth is that going to come out? It's all you can bear when Aunty Gladys drops her cup of coffee leaving a huge brown stain on the carpet, in the middle of the walkway no less; that's going to be impossible to hide!

We're here to tell you to relax, spend this time enjoying the company of family and friends and stop worrying about the carpet; that's our job! We have a team of qualified and highly trained stain removal and carpet & upholstery cleaning specialists on board to clean up those inevitable holiday stains and spills.

Our techs are on board all through Christmas and new years and we're here to help. Call us on 38232500 or contact us here

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