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Importance of Carpet Maintenance

Clean carpet and healthy carpets

How does your Carpet affect Indoor Air Quality?

Australians typically spend 90% of their time indoors – so indoor air quality is an important factor in protecting the health and well being of your family.

The 3 main factors that affect indoor air quality are:

  • Inadequate ventilation which may occur if heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems are ineffective or not regularly cleaned.

  • Chemical contaminants from inside and outside the building – these include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pollution's from road and industrial use.

  • Biological contaminants e.g. bacteria, moulds, pollen.

Regularly cleaning your carpets in Brisbane is very important, as our subtropical climate and long summers exposes your carpet and home to increased biological contaminants such as moulds and pollen's.

Extensive research is being undertaken to evaluate the effects of products on indoor air quality. Many countries have instituted standards and voluntary codes of practice that set guidelines for indoor air quality. The Carpet Institute of Australia Limited is conducting a comprehensive study of the environmental impact of carpet, and indoor air quality is part of this investigation.

It was found that carpets have a purifying impact on indoor air quality by absorbing some of the toxic VOCs and trapping particulates. For example, carpets irreversibly remove VOCs, including the toxics formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide. Carpet also has a beneficial effect by trapping small particles in the fibre mass and removing them from the air we breathe. A recent scientific study found that carpet reduces dust in the air to half of that found with hard flooring systems.

Importance of Carpet Maintenance - Carpet Cleaning & Vacuuming

Frequent vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning by a trained operator is essential for ensuring carpet stays in good condition. The standard – AS/NZS 3733. 1995 Textile floor coverings states:-

Cleaning maintenance of residential and commercial Carpeting provides guidance for good cleaning practice. “A properly maintained carpet should have only positive effects on indoor air quality”.

The standards recommend that all domestic carpets should be deep carpet cleaned at least every 12 months and if a home has pets and children then every 6 months is the recommendation. Remember having your carpets cleaned is not just about good-looking carpets but also about healthy carpets. Think about this- how often do you clean or mop your hard surface floors? Would you leave cleaning your kitchen floors for longer than a year? I guarantee they get cleaned or mop at least once a week.

Clean Carpet helps reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Clean Carpet helps reduce Indoor Air Pollution

If clean good-looking carpets and healthy indoor air quality is important to you, then we can help you. A healthy environment starts with clean carpets, the biggest air filter in your home. As one of Brisbane’s best carpet cleaning companies, no other company cleans more thoroughly or protects your family better than Results Carpet Cleaning Services does - a Carpet Cleaning service guarantee.

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Our team of highly experienced and fully qualified carpet cleaning technicians work hard to ensure that every floor in your home will look great and feels clean and hygienic. We also specialise in hard-to-move stains and pet odours; you will be pleased you chose us. Please call us today 38232500.

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