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How to be guest ready like a boss!

bed in front of deep blue wall with gold lamp

There's so much going on and there's no end to the "to do" list in sight and you have guests arriving any day! Worry not because here are some simple tips on how take your guest's stay up a notch!

Get your guest space ready!

Not everyone has a guest room but no matter, your friends and family are coming to see you not a hotel room. However, going that extra mile to make their space as comfortable as possible will really show them you care. Take the time to have the carpets professionally cleaned to clear out all the dust and make your home as clean as possible. Why not get the pest control updated too and save the embarrassment of chasing live cockroaches around the house with a thong?

Make sure there is ample shelving for them to put their things and a comfy bed to sleep in. Take the time to clear the clutter from the guest space so your fam isn't sleeping amongst your piles of 10 year magazines and boxes of old printer toner. Also a nice scented candle can do wonders in making a room more homey and welcoming.

Have a store of the essentials

Think about what would make your guests stay more comfortable. Keep some extra

assorted bath accessories

necessities on hand in case your guests forget to pack them. Items like extra tooth paste, soap or a spare phone charger are all little things that will make your guest's stay comfortable and problem free. Also, make sure you have plenty of clean towels, spare blankets and pillows ready for when they're needed.

Make a loose plan

small pile of polaroids on map

You don't need to create an elaborate itinerary and have everyone synchronize watches but a loose plan or some ideas on things you and your guests can do or see together is always appreciated. If they're in from out of town, why not take them to some of the hot spots so they'll have plenty of memories (and photos!) to take home with them.

So there you are, simple but easy things to do to turn your hosting skill up to 11 and impress even the most discerning guest!

If you need a little help in getting the house ready, don't forget to call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our professional and friendly techs out and cross one more off that "to-do" list!

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