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  • Kate Steel

DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

So many things in life call for a DIY fix. From a busted light globe to chipped plasterboard or even an overzealous vacuum routine. In contrast, there are a handful of things that are far better left to the professionals like dental work or brain surgery!

Of course, you CAN do your carpet cleaning, and there are a few options out there, and maybe you don't care that you'll overwet the carpet creating mould problems or over shampoo creating a sticky, tacky residue on the surface of the carpet. We do, which is why we invest in our equipment, products and training to exceed your expectations every time.

The main issue we see when people decide to DIY their carpet cleaning is overwetting. They use too much water, and the machines they hire aren't powerful enough to suck the water out of the carpet, so they take ages to thoroughly dry creating perfect conditions for mould to grow on the underlay which is terrible news.

When it comes to cheese we say "bring on the mould!" but when it comes to your carpets that's a hard no. Mould releases spores with enter your home and negatively impact your home's air quality causing all kinds of illness and diseases, so doing whatever you can to avoid this is key.

The second biggest mistake we see is over-shampooing which leaves a sticky residue on the carpet, which feels gross underfoot and also attracts dirt to stick into the carpets, this defeats the whole purpose right?

At the end of the day you need to ask yourself, how much is YOUR time worth? Is saving a few dollars really worth the aggravation of hiring the machine, transporting it back home, figuring out how it works, doing the actual clean, fixing any mistakes, packing the machine back up, transporting it back and dealing with all the little annoyances that come along with all that? OR, you can make one quick phone call and organise a professional to clean them for you knowing it'll be done far better than you'd ever be able to manage (nothing personal, we do this all day every day, so of course we're better at it than you!)

Save your time and your carpet by using a professional cleaner, you will not regret it, especially with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Call us on 3823 2500 or contact us here and speak to our friendly team about getting one of our experienced carpet cleaners to you. We service all of Brisbane, including northside and southside suburbs.

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