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Help my dog peed on the carpets!

"Help! My dog just wee'd on my brand new carpet!"

Does this sound like you? Don't panic because whether your pet dog, cat, kitten, puppy turtle or guinea pig has pee'd, urinated, wee'd or pissed on the carpet, we have you covered with our emergency carpet cleaning and urine and feces treatment.

No one enjoys the aroma of urine soaked carpets wafting through the house so it's important to not only remove the stain but kill the odour causing bacteria deep in the carpet fibers.

By far the best and most effective way to remove urine or wee from carpet is the warm water extraction method. By now I'm sure you've googled a hundred DIY methods to get pet urine or feces out of carpets. If the accident has just happened and the wee is still wet the chances of a lasting stain are less than if you allow the stain to dry.

It's best if you can get the stain cleaned by a professional who can assess the needs of your carpet and treat accordingly. We have a wide range of stain removers and bio-enzyme products to both remove the stain and kill any bacteria in the carpet fibers to make for a healthy home.

We don't only specialise in urine or wee stains, we can remove feces or poo

stains, blood, vomit and many more so contact the professionals next time your cat or dog has an accident on your carpets.

The key to stain removal is quick action, regardless of what the stain may be whether red wine, poo, vomit or coffee. Try to mop up the stain by blotting it with a clean towel (avoid paper towels if you can). Scoop up the solid mess and keep blotting the stain folding the towel over as it fills. Never rub, scrub or agitate the carpet fibers as you may cause the stain to set into the carpet fibers.

If a stain or smell persists you will want to consult a professional carpet cleaner. Be wary of many home carpet cleaners as they can contain bleaching agents which may cause more damage to your carpet. Don't pay stain removal roulette with your carpets, contact a professional who will safely and effectively remove the stain without harming your carpet.

Don't delay call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 now to deal with the wee stain before it becomes a permanent feature of your lounge room. We service all of Brisbane and have an experienced stain removal professional take care of your carpet and upholstery.

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