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Carpet Cleaning before Christmas

It's almost unbelievable, Christmas trees are starting to pop up in shopping centers, Christmas carols can be heard at the supermarket and it's all beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....sort of.

Before you go into full Christmas panic mode, remember there are still 2 months until Christmas lands so you still have time to get all those little house hold items off your "to do" list so you're ready for your yearly round of Christmas guests.

November and December are extremely busy months for everyone including carpet cleaners so be sure to get in now to book your Christmas carpet cleaning so you can make sure to get the day and time that you want and don't miss out due to someone who got in before you.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of freshly cleaned carpet and steam cleaning is a great way to clear out dust and freshen up that guest bedroom that hasn't seen a good vacuum in almost a year!

We service all of Brisbane and our highly trained and experienced carpet cleaning and stain removal experts will give your carpet the royal treatment. Our years of experience mean we can take care and give advice on the care and cleaning of all manner of carpet, from wool, synthetic to hybrids.

Call us now on 3823 2500 and finally cross carpet cleaning off your "to do" list. We service all of Brisbane and greater area. Don't forget to ask our friendly team about pest control packages and cross two items off that "to do" list with one, effort free booking.

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