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Should I get my Pest Control done with my Carpet Cleaning?

Pest control and carpet cleaning

Great question! We hear this one a lot and our answer is yes! Especially now we're moving into the warmer months you'll start to see cockroaches and spiders on the move as they get ready for their most active season.

Having your pest control done at the same time as your carpet cleaning is ideal as the pest control products we use are best applied to clean surfaces which why we encourage you to have your floors vacuumed and mopped before we arrive for the best results.

Cockroach pest control

Now is the ideal time to have both your pest control and carpet cleaning done as the pest season hasn't really kicked off yet so getting your pest control sorted now means you won't give pests like cockroaches, spiders and ants the chance to move in and create a problem. Whilst it's impossible to prevent pests like cockroaches and spiders from coming inside, having your pest control up to date will mean they won't be there long enough to build a nest a start breeding in your home.

We use the latest in non-repellent pest control technology, which means pests can't sense the treatment but once they come into contact with the treated zones they will die before they have the chance to set up a nest and breed, creating a problem down the line.

Protect your home and family from these unwanted pests this summer and ask our friendly staff about our great value pest control packages when booking in your next carpet cleaning service! We service all of Brisbane and greater region including northside and south side suburbs. Call us now on 3823 2500!

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