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Have tired or worn out looking tiles?

Are your tiles looking a little worse for wear? Are they looking tired or dirty? Do cringe every time you look at them? Why not have a professional tile and grout cleaning service where our professional tile cleaning experts will have your tiles looking cleaner and fresher than they have in years!

Most of the time it's the grout that shows the most amount of ware and makes the tiles look worse. Over time your grout will collect dirt and grime and every time you mop you leave chemical residue in the grout lines. Sealing your grout after it has been cleaned is a great way to protect your grout and keep it cleaner for longer.

Our professional tile cleaning experts will evaluate what type of tiles that you're needing cleaned whether it be ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, slate tiles, or even polished concrete, vinyl, marble or natural stone we can clean it all. Our technician has access to a wide range of commercial cleaning solutions that are best suited to your tile.

After applying the cleaning solution are technician will allow the cleaner to sit

and agitate in areas where the tiles and grout are particularly soiled. Our tile cleaning experts will then go around the edges of the edges of the space with a special tool allowing them to clean every crack, corner and crevice. Once that is complete we will then use our rotary extraction tile cleaning tool to scrub the rest of the surface. The two high pressure, rotating nozzles will agitate and remove all remaining soils.

Once the cleaning is complete we then use air movers in the space to help the tiles dry. At this point we will apply a sealant to the cleaned area. Having your tiles and grout sealed is a great way to protect your tiles and grout, keeping them cleaner for longer. Sealing also makes your weekly cleaning regime much easier as water/stains will be repelled from the grout surface, making your tiles a breeze to clean.

Don't waste another Saturday morning scrubbing, scraping or mopping hoping to get your tiles looking respectable. Call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and let our tile cleaning professionals take care of all the hard work for you. We service all of Brisbane including northside and south side suburbs.

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