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Had a cold or flu recently? Read this!

Most experts would agree Brisbane has seen a larger than average flu season this year and our office has not been exempt from the red, sniffley noses and scratchy throats this year.

After those weeks of camping out on the couch coughing your lungs up and blowing unholy quantities of bodily fluids from your nose hopefully your up and running again and feeling better. If you're anything like me after I've been sick I like to give the home a good clean to clear out the bacteria that has made its way into your home.

You may not know this but your carpets in particular are capable to haboring bacteria like salmonella and E.Coli. For this reason many of our clients like to book their annual carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service in spring to clean out all the dirt, grime, dust, exterior pollutants and bacteria that have accumulated over the past year.

In the interest of maintaining a healthy home you should be having your carpets professionally steam cleaned to kill any bacteria and remove the dirt, dust and pollen that has settled deep in your carpet fibers.

Our professional carpet cleaning and stain removal experts are highly trained

Healthy carpets with steam carpet cleaning

and will have your tired looking carpets looking fresh and clean in no time! We use only top shelf cleaning solutions and never use harsh cleaning chemicals in your home! Our carpet conditioners are 100% bio degradable and hypoallergenic.

So make your home healthy again after flu season and have one of Results Home Services professional carpet cleaning experts to give your carpets the royal treatment. We have been looking after Brisbane homes for over 25 years so you can trust us to have the best advice and expertise on caring for your carpets.

Call us now on 3823 2500 and experience first hand all the reasons we have been cleaning Brisbane's carpets for over 25 years. We service all of Brisbane including northside and south side suburbs.

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