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Carpet Spills, What you need to know

Removing stains on carpet

Spills happen and the best way to prevent a hard-to-clean stains in the carpet is to take quick action. The longer the carpet is soiled, the greater the chances of a permanent stain. The number one secret to stain removal is to clean up immediately after each spill and spot. The longer the carpet is soiled, the greater the chances of a permanent stain.

Here you can find different types of stain removal techniques for different types of stains.Whenever something ends up spilling on your carpet, bear in mind, that the best way to tackle the stain is by trying to blot it instead of rubbing on it. Rubbing a stain will only spread it into surrounding fibres and force it deeper down.

If a stain has been made on your carpet, a few handy things are available in almost every household and are excellent for stain removal.

Shaving Foam

It may sound absurd, but a tiny bit of shaving foam rubbed on the stain and then wiped away will leave your carpet flawless.

Dish Cleaner Detergent

Greasy spills are by far the ugliest and the hardest ones to remove, but not impossible. Just dilute a little bit of dish detergent with water and spray on the affected area, and then as previously recommended, blot it instead of scrubbing it.

Use hydrogen Peroxide for bloodstains

Hydrogen Peroxide

Bloodstains are best removed with hydrogen peroxide. At first scrape off all the dried blood, then drop a few drops of H2O2, it will foam immediately blot it.


Chewed gum can be one

Use Ice to remove chewing gum

of the most frustrating and annoying things to remove, whether it is stuck on the floor or carpets. The best way to rid your carpet of it is by rubbing a few ice cubes on it, in order to freeze it, then pull it off and cut from the nearest carpet fibres.

Still got a stain?

Visit our Stain removal chart

Fabric Protection

Consider having a fabric protector applied to the surface of your carpets and upholstery to prevent any spills from becoming a permanent stain in your carpet or upholstery.

Contact us

Get your carpet steam-cleaned professional cleaned on a regular basis will ensure that your carpet fibres are cleaned from the depth and they remain fluffy and soft.

Call us if you have a difficult spot, pet stains, in particular, often require special treatment.. We are just a phone call away and we have lots of experience in removing tough spots and stain from your carpets.

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