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Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts in Brisbane

Brisbane tile & grout cleaning

Are your tiles looking worse for wear and no matter how vigorously or how often you mop you just can't get them as clean as you'd like? Stop. Put down the mop and call Results Home Services and have one of our experienced tile and grout cleaning experts take care of your tiles.

Using the best cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions available our experienced and highly trained technician will bring your tiles to looking like new again in only a few hours. Many of our clients are blown away by the results and kick themselves for putting it off for as long as they did.

Our tile and grout experts can clean any surface and any tile whether it be porcelain, ceramic, clay or stone. Sometimes the dirtiest part of our tiled floors is the grout, becoming discolored and dirty after years of use.

dirty tiles before a tile and grout clean

Clean Tiles after a tile and grout clean

So don't put up with dirty tiles or grout, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our cleaning experts give you a free quote. We don't only clean floors either we can clean tiled walls, showers, marble and granite bench tops, vinyl and concrete! Experience the same day transformation and love your home again. We service all of Brisbane including the north side suburbs, south side suburbs, the bayside region, western suburbs and greater Brisbane region.

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