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Pest Control and Carpet Cleaning Packages

Pest and Carpet Cleaning Packages - Results Home Services

I think we can all agree, nothing beats the feeling of freshly cleaned carpet underfoot and what's better than freshly cleaned carpet? A pest free home with freshly cleaned carpet!

Many of our clients like to do a bit of a 'spring clean' before they get their carpets cleaned. They take the opportunity to clear out clutter, give the home a good dust and wipe down so the carpet cleaning is really the icing on the cake to a clean home. We recommend to our clients to have their homes pest controlled at the same time to keep the common pests like cockroaches, spiders and silverfish at bay.

What's better is we offer great pest control and carpet cleaning packages to save both time and money, so why not have your annual pest control service brought up to date at the same time as your carpets?

Ready for the carpet cleaning and pest control? Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and hear about our great discounts, packages and winter specials we have on offer. We service all of Brisbane including the north side, south side, bayside Brisbane region, western suburbs and greater region.

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