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Three Carpet Cleaning Myths

Why you should regularly clean your carpets - Results Home Services

Having been cleaning Brisbane's carpets for over 25 years you better believe we've heard them all. All kinds of flawed logic that relate to carpet cleaning and we've found the most popular myths usually provide justification for NOT having your carpets cleaned by a professional. Here are some of our (least) favorites:

My carpet looks clean so they must be....

Carpet and Indoor Air Qualtiy - Results Home Services

This is one we hear all the time and we can't help but smile to ourselves and think "yeah, right...." Carpets retain dirt, dust, pollen and other pollutants that are usually invisible to the naked eye. Your carpet acts like your home's air filter and naturally draws soils into the carpet fibers and depending on the type and shade of your carpet it can be difficult to see the dirt but there is no doubt it's there. Pollutants are pulled into your carpet fibers by foot traffic and on the breeze so the more people in your home, the dirtier your carpet will get over time. The reason you should clean your carpets every 6-12 months is to remove the dirt, dust, mould spores, dust mites, mildew and bacteria that have become trapped in your carpet, helping you maintain a happier, healthier home.

My carpet is only a few years old.....

What may live inside your carpets

Experts, carpet manufacturers and the Australian Standards all agree that carpets should be steam cleaned (aka hot water extraction method) every 6-12 months to maintain healthy carpet. Even if your carpet is new, it is not immune from dust mites and abrasive soils that wear away at the carpet fibers causing premature fraying, colour loss and wear. Maintaining regular professional steam cleaning will extend the life of your carpet as well as ensuring a healthier home for your family.

I have my own carpet cleaning machine OR I want to give the machines your get at the supermarket a try...

Who can resist the siren call of a DIY project? In this case we advise you do. The domestic carpet cleaning machines you hire or buy can end up doing more damage to your carpet than good. In many cases these smaller machines lack the suction power necessary to suck the cleaning product and water back out of your carpet, leaving large quantities of water and chemical residue in your carpet. If your carpet is left very wet for long periods of time it can cause mould/mildew issues on the underlay, which can go unnoticed for long periods of time putting your health and your family's health at risk. Our carpet cleaning experts are highly trained and have years of experience and take care to avoid over wetting the carpet as they know the damage and various health issues over wetting can cause.

These are three of our favorites (or not!) but there are plenty out there. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to have your carpets cleaned at least annually to ensure there is not a build up of dirt, dust and pollutants in your carpet and hiring a professional will ensure your carpets are cleaned in an effective and professional way.

If it's been a while since your last carpet cleaning service, call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and see how one of our carpet cleaning and stain removal experts can help you make your home a healthier place.

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