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How best to prepare for your professional carpet cleaning

Preparing for a professional carpet clean

So you've finally checked that item off your 'to-do' list "book carpet cleaning" you've done your research, found a carpet cleaner that best meets your needs and now the appointment looms and you realize you forgot to ask what you need to do to prepare.

This will largely differ depending on the company you have engaged and the type of service you've asked for. For example, at Results Home Services we offer an all inclusive carpet cleaning service so we do things that many other companies consider "optional extras".

One of these things is pre-vacuuming using our HEPA filtrated power head to remove as much dry, loose soils as we can before initiating the hot water extraction cleaning method. If your chosen company consideres vacuuming an "optional extra" then you will need to add vacuuming to this list of steps. A word of advice? Be thorough with the vacuum clean because if your carpet cleaner decides it's not up to scratch, they will either charge you to do it themselves, or worse, they will continue regardless. If you've done a quick vacuum clean and left a large amount of dust/dirt in the carpet, this will simply turn into mud in the carpet fibers when they go over it with the hot water extraction method (aka steam cleaning). This is why we include the vacuum cleaning as a part of our service so you don't need to worry and we can deliver the best possible results.

Before your carpet cleaning expert arrives you should:

Move furniture: At Results, our technician will move what they can but try and move as much as you can like coffee tables, dining chairs, bedside tables, small cabinets and other lightweight furniture items to reveal as much carpeted space as possible. This will make for a more efficient and comprehensive clean.

Remove fragile knick-knacks: Our technicians will move what they can in order to offer the best possible clean but they won't move shelves or cabinets with fragile items like kinck-knacks, computers, printers etc. so if you would like these areas cleaned we encourage you to remove fragile items from shelves/desks so as to remove the possibility of a breakage during the cleaning service. We take the utmost care in ensuring we offer a professional carpet/upholstery cleaning service but accidents happen so moving that priceless sculpture to another room will ensure it lives to see another day.

Remove personal items from the floor: Make sure your carpets are clear before the technician arrives. This means making sure clothes, toys, towels and other personal items are off the floor and out of the way so we can deliver the best possible cleaning service.

Ensure there is free and clear access: Our carpet cleaning equipment is mounted into our vans and whilst portable machines can be made available upon request, we usually park as close as we can so we can run our hoses and cleaning equipment directly into your home, which is why we ask that you ensure there is a place to park that is close and accessible.

Make a mental note of the areas of concern: Before every carpet clean our experienced technician will do a pre-inspection to get to know your carpet and talk to you about any areas of concern or stains you want to bring to their attention.

So there you have it, a simple guide of how to prepare for your carpet cleaning service. Of course, if you have any questions or specific concerns, call us on 3823 2500 and have a chat to our very friendly and highly trained staff. We service all of Brisbane including the north side, south side, greater region, bayside area and western suburbs.

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