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Ever wonder what those dark marks are on the edges of your carpet?

Have you ever wondered what those dark lines on the edges of your carpet, under doors, around walls, underneath curtains and along the edges of your stairs? These stains are known as filtration soiling or filtration lines.

These filtration lines are not a defect in your carpet but rather airborne soils (dirt, dust, grime) that have accumulated on the carpet fibers where constant air flow occurs over or near the carpet.

Filtration lines are most visible on light coloured carpet and can be made up of traffic emissions, soot, fine sand or clay particles or a combination of different pollutants. Removing filtration soiling is very labour intensive as the soil particles are usually very fine and sometimes oily this makes the entire process time consuming and usually quite expensive.

A good way to prevent filtration soiling from occurring is ensuring your carpet is cleaned on a regular basis by a trained and experienced carpet cleaner. Maintaining a rigourous vacuum routine between professional carpet cleaning services is also very important as this will prevent excessive build up of pollutants in the carpet fibers. Another great way to prevent these filtration lines is to invest in a HEPA air filter as the filter will draw a lot of these pollutants from the air before they have a chance to settle on your carpet fibers. If you live in the city or a high traffic area, an air filter will not only protect your carpet but will also vastly improve your indoor air quality.

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