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Flood and Storm Damage Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane

Has the recent run of storms caused water or flood damage to your carpets in Brisbane? Don't stress because Results Home Services has you covered!

At Results we deal with flood and storm damaged carpets all the time whether your washing machine has struck a leak or a storm cell has ripped through Brisbane leaving you with sopping wet carpets, we've seen it all.

Our highly trained and experienced carpet cleaning and stain removal specialists are ready to come to you to salvage your carpet and prevent permanent and expensive damage.

Using our highly powerful carpet cleaning machines and our extensive expertise on how best to treat and clean all kinds of carpet whether it be wool, synthetic or a hybrid of both. Our flood damage experts have the very best industrial carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions on board so you can rest easy knowing your carpet is in good hands.

Depending on the damage and amount of water in your carpet our technician may just extract as much moisture from your carpet as we can using our extremely powerful industrial cleaning machine on the initial vist. Our technician will also leave a blower (also known as a air mover) with you to help the carpets dry and return in 2-3 days once the carpet is dry to treat any water stains or "browning" from your carpet and clean out the dirt left in the carpet from the flood water.

Water stains or bowning in your carpet is quite normal after a flood due to the normal flow and movement of moisture in carpet fibers. As the carpet dries the fibers will "wick" up any dirt or stains in the base of the pile so it becomes visible on the surface.

It's also normal for the carpet to have an unpleasant odour after a flood event which is why our technicians are armed with a wide range of treatment and cleaning solutions to not only remove the water stain, but neutralize any bacteria in the carpet fibers and eliminate odours.

When you call Results Home Services you can expect a full, all inclusive service at the hands of highly trained carpet cleaning experts with the experience and know-how to best clean, treat and protect your expensive carpet. Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 to have a technician visit you today! We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including Kallangur, Dayboro, Boondall, Murrumba Downs and North Lakes.

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