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Why carpet cleaning is essential for pet owners

For those of us with a furry friend (sometimes referred to as "our fur-baby") carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is more important than ever because as much as we love "man's best friend" they can make maintaining a clean and tidy home rather difficult.

We used to have a dog and my mother always joked we could knit a sweater out of the hair our beloved pet shed over a year. It's unbelievable how much hair a dog or cat will shed over a 12 month period and that hair is impossible to remove completely with a domestic vacuum, no matter how rigorous you are. This is one of the major reasons why an annual professional carpet clean service is essential for dog and cat owners as it will remove that hair and fur you can't get with the vacuum. Annual cleaning services will prevent a build up and stop your home from developing that "dog smell".

As much as we love our pets, accidents happen and that puddle of urine doesn't need to stare at you for all eternity. A professional carpet clean and urine treatment will not only remove the stain but neutralize the odour causing bacteria, keeping your home as healthy as can be.

Nothing smells worse than vomit, it's the vomit inducing stench that is detectable throughout the house. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner will ensure that not only the stain is removed but the bacteria and smell are neutralized deep in the carpet fibers.

A professional carpet cleaner will have the right cleaning products and a thorough understanding of how to use those products to gain the best possible results so your carpets look and smell great when they're finished.

Have a furry friend and some carpet in need of a little TLC? Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified and experienced carpet cleaning technicians show you why we have been cleaning Brisbane's carpets for over 25 years.

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