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Carpet Cleaning: you get what you pay for

steamed carpet cleaning - 5 stage clean

There are many instances where the budget options are just as good as the premium option and the extra $$ just aren't worth spending. On the other hand there are just as many instances where the budget option could end up costing you more in the long run because they fail to compare with their premium counterparts. The phrase " you get what pay for" could not be more relevant with carpet cleaners.

At Results Home Services we appreciate the draw of those "$99 for 3 Rooms" specials. Ninety nine dollars? That's under $35 per room! What great value! Yes, it does appear to be great value until your left with sopping wet carpet that's starting to smell and the prospect that, that $99 special will cost you far more in repairs or even replacement carpet.

We've lost count of the number of times we have been contacted by someone who employed a budget carpet cleaner only to have to call us to help fix the damage they had caused. A budget carpet cleaner is rarely trained or certified and believe it or not, carpet cleaning and stain removal can be a very fine science. It seems simple enough but when you consider the chemistry involved in removing urine or blood from carpet fibers you can appreciate that stain removal is not for the untrained. We've heard of some carpet cleaners just creating a random cocktail of stain removers to treat certain stains, completely unaware that their cocktail is likely to permanently damage or destroy the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning businesses have paid for the training and certifications of their technicians as well as the commercial carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions. A professional carpet cleaning company simply cannot afford to clean 3 rooms for $99 whilst keeping to their high standard of quality.

steam carpet cleaning - results home services

What you're really paying for when you hire a professional carpet cleaning company is quality and peace of mind. At Results Home Services we offer a premium carpet cleaning service and guarantee all the work we do. We use the best cleaning and stain removal products available rather than the cheapest. We're interested in providing great results and genuine value for you and that's why we spend a little extra on the products we use, the equipment we use and the training our technicians get.

Using budget carpet cleaners could very well cost you more in repairs and replacement than if you had just hired a competent carpet cleaner in the first place. We've dealt with people who had lost their bonds because the budget carpet cleaner they hired for an "end of lease" clean ruined the carpets.

We appreciate how enticing those shop-a-docket specials are but by spending a little extra you know you're getting a professional who won't ruin your carpet and will leave you feeling positive about the whole experience rather than stressed and angry.

So if you're needing a professional carpet cleaner in Brisbane call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and experience all the reasons we have been looking after Brisbane's carpets for over 20 years.

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