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Results Home Services Open Over Christmas & New Years

After the weeks of hectic schedules trying to fit in work, social engagements, Christmas parties, getting the house ready for ready for Christmas guests and battling the crowds of Christmas shoppers you've not only become an expert at stalking shoppers on the way back to their car so you can stake your claim on the very rare available parking space but you're probably finally ready to kickback and celebrate the Christmas and New Years holiday with friends and family.

Results Home Services will remain open over Christmas and New Years and we have Carpet and Upholstery cleaning technicians on board and ready to handle all those unexpected spills and stains. So if Uncle Tom gets a little over zealous with the red wine and some (or most of it) ends up on the carpet, don't worry because our stain removal professionals are more than happy to come out and restore your carpets to all their stain free glory.

If some gravy, red wine or soft drink does spill, our stain removal professionals recommend blotting the stain with a clean towel being sure not to over wet the stain. Our senior Carpet Cleaning technician suggests using a spray bottle to lightly mist the stain rather than pouring water straight on to the stain. This will help make sure you don't over wet the stain and potentially spread the stain outwards. Once all the excess mess has been blotted up, fold another dry, clean towel and place over the stain and place a plastic bag and some books or something large and heavy (so the weight is evenly dispersed over the stain) so the towel draws the stain up and out of the carpet. Keeping the stain moist (not wet) will also help until professional help arrives to completely remove the stain and restore your carpet to looking like new.

The key with any stain is quick action, the faster you act the less likely it is to that the stain will be permanent. And a word to the wise? Be very careful about the different DIY stain removal suggestions there are floating around online, some have the potential to do more harm than good.

We service all of Brisbane and are ready to take your call. So don't let that stain become a permanent reminder of Christmas 2016 call us now on 3823 2500.

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