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What you should know about your carpets in summer

As the weather warms up and spring cleaning is on everyone's mind, it can also be one of the best times to get your carpets cleaned.

The most effective clean you can give your carpets is by having them cleaned using the Warm/hot water extraction method (Steam Cleaning). It is the most effective form of carpet cleaning you can get, provided it is done with an experienced carpet cleaning technician. Warm/hot water extraction cleaning provides you with healthy carpets and also a thorough and very deep clean with no residue left of the carpet once the clean is done. Taking the time to let them dry before having to walk on them will ensure that the dirt is not placed back on to the drying carpet.

The advantage of having your carpets cleaned during the warmer seasons is that the drying time of the carpet is significantly decreased. The drying time of your carpets will depend on the type of carpet you have. If you have woollen carpets, expect a drying time of 4-6 before it is completely dry to walk on. For various other carpets you can expect a little less.

To help decrease the drying time of your carpets, open up the house windows and, where possible, open the doors to let a breeze sweep over the carpets. Alternatively, turn on your air conditioner to help dry out the carpets. If you have ceiling fans, turning them on will also help speed up the drying time. With any upholstery that has been cleaned, ensure the swabs are placed where they can catch the breeze.

Spring time is also a great time to have your home pest-controlled before all the bugs set up home in your house and start their breeding cycles. Ask one of our staff about the huge savings we can offer when you have your carpets clean and pest-controlled this spring.

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