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How much is a move out carpet clean?

Move Out carpet clean

At Results, we get many enquiries and bookings for move-out carpet cleans from all over Brisbane as far north as Petrie and Strathpine and also the western suburbs including Pullenvale, Brookfield and across to Forest Lake and Springfield Lakes.

rental move out carpet cleaning

Is it compulsory to have your carpet’s cleaned when moving house? Most tenant agreements in Queensland will say “Yes”. Like most tenants you are probably not too enthused about spending money on a property that is not yours. Unfortunately this can be a trap for a lot of tenants as it attracts people to employ what we call in the Carpet Cleaning Industry the “Splash and Dash Companies”. These are companies that offer cheap cleans, unfortunately without any guarantee of workmanship. Many stains that could be removed are left and many carpet indentations from furniture will remain. The tenant is then faced with the option of engaging another Carpet Cleaning Company to get rid of the stains or leaving the problem in the Real Estates hands to sort out the mess and forfeit some of the bond. The funny thing about the above scenario is that if the tenant had spent an extra $45-55 dollars with a reputable company they could have saved themselves a lot of hassle, stress and time.

A good company will pay special attention to stains before starting to clean

stain removal move out carpet cleaning

your carpets and spend more time on the clean bring the carpet back to life. Look for companies that use the Hot/Warm water extraction method (you may know it as Steam Clean) as this gives a deeper down clean without leaving residue on the carpet. If your lease has the option of pets you may also need to get a compulsory flea treatment. Check for move-out packages. Results Home Service includes this into their move-out clean for an extra $60.00 saving you $65.

To book in for your move-out clean just phone our office today in Capalaba and talk with one of our friendly office staff. Yes, we service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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