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What you need to know about your carpets if you live by the ocean

Caring for carpets that are near salt water

Often after we have cleaned carpets in a Bayside area home, whether it’s in Manly, Wyynum, Birkdale, Cleveland, Wellington Point, Raby Bay or even Point Lookout at Stradbroke Island, it’s not uncommon for our customers call in to ask why vacuuming their carpet is now effortless after their professional carpet clean; and you’re probably wondering the same thing right?

To start with, if you live in the bayside area in suburbs close to the Bay you may notice that your carpet becomes course and difficult to vacuum. Whilst living on the Bayside has its perks like the beautiful bay breeze during the summer months, you are probably also aware of the damage the sea spray can cause to the exterior of your home as well as the interior fittings including your carpet.

Fine salt crystals carried in on those bay breezes you enjoy so much act as sandpaper underfoot and have a dulling effect on hardwood floors and carpet. Foot traffic then works these crystals into the fibres of your carpet causing the carpet to flatten.

We all know how sticky and gritty sea salt feels on our skin and this “stickiness” attracts other air pollutants to stick you your carpet fibres and your household foot traffic works those pollutants in to the carpet fibres, making them almost impossible to reach with a domestic vacuum cleaner. It’s this “stickiness” compounded with the high level of pollutants in your carpet that make it difficult to vacuum over.

Upholstery cleaning

This principle also applies to your upholstery; have you ever sat down and felt like you’d been glued to your favourite chair? Salt can cause real damage to leather and fabric lounges and these (like your carpets) should be cleaned and protected regularly.

Healthy Carpets, healthy home

If you do live in areas that are close to the ocean or near salt water you probably wash or hose down your windows regularly, so why not clean your carpets regularly too? When living in these areas it is essential to have your carpets professionally cleaned to clear out the high level of natural and man-made pollutants accumulating deep within your carpet fibres. Regular, professional carpet cleaning will not only extend the life of your carpets it will make for a healthier home by vastly improving the air quality.

Three main reasons most people have their carpets cleaned:

  • To improve or maintain the look of the carpet

  • To remove a stubborn stain

  • To enjoy healthy carpets and a healthy home.

Whilst the first two reasons are important, especially when you have family and friends coming to stay; the third reason is the most important for the health of your family.

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