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How to get rid of that cat pee smell out of your carpet

Does DIY for Cat Urine Work?

Cat on carpet - cat urine

A while ago we attended a party in Ormiston, Southside of Brisbane, and had to fill out one of those wonderful ice breaker questionnaires that was handed out to all the guests attending the party. The question was Dog or Cat?- Out of 20 guests, including my husband, I was the only one that answered cat. My husband who is totally not into cats, stipulated going into our relationship that cats would never be part of the equation. We all know that the woman will win out eventually, and after 10 years I finally got the green light to buy an adorable rag doll cat. Dear God, please don’t let it be a serial carpet peeing offender.

As Murphy ’s Law would have it, the cat was to be a wardrobe pee-er and of course the main target was my husband’s shoes. My mission for the next few months was to quickly get rid and disguise any evidence of cat urine around the house. So, to use the company’s carpet cleaning equipment and products was out of the equation, as that would mean telling my husband, and I know he would have then broken into a lecture on why the cat should start packing his suitcase.

So, how to get the smell of cat pee out of your carpet? From my experience, if you are quick enough and the carpet is still wet, then try wetting an old towel and placing it on top of the pee. Then replace the wet towel with a dry towel and apply pressure on it until most of the moisture is removed, spray with vinegar to break down uric acid (see DIY stain removal chart) then sprinkle with Bicarbonate of soda and let it dry. Once it is dry to touch, vacuum or brush the residue. I then spray it with a deodoriser and hey-presto, husband was never to be any the wiser.

Now, to get rid of the smell of old cat pee smell is a lot harder. I remember my parents buying a new car and leaving it in the garage with a window down. Some stray cat jumped into it and peed on the floor. The smell stayed in it for over a year… it was disgusting.

Cat urine stains showing up with Fluro light

Old pee is much harder to locate and remove. Apart from getting down on your hands and knees and doing a sniff test, a more effective way to go about it is to use a fluorescent black light. This light will highlight any areas in the room that has any biological waste such as cat urine.

Once the stain is located, you can work on the smell. Unfortunately, vinegar or baking soda will not work the same since the stain is older. My experience says that you will need a product that is far more powerful. Look for a product that will break up the enzymes. For a good product, be prepared to spend a little more money. Our Carpet Technicians are well trained in urine removal and use an industrial bio-enzyme product which works wonders.

Getting rid of cat odours and stains can be a time-consuming process. A more convenient option often is to professionally get your carpets cleaned and the odour treatment at the same time. The ACCI (Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute) recommends that your carpets are cleaned on a yearly basis to help prolong the life of your carpets and ensure a healthy environment. Call Results Home Services today in Capalaba, Brisbane to find out more on how we can help your home smell fresh once again. Yes, we service all of Brisbane suburbs.

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