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How long can you leave a stain

Some great home tips to help remove a stain out of your carpet

After recently going out to one of our dear elderly clients who lives on the South Side of Brisbane. Our technician was asked a common question, “can you get this red wine stain out of my woollen carpet?” Mike our technician, politely asked “How long has it been there”? “Oh, about 15 years”, came the very honest reply! Now this leads me to the question. How long before a stain becomes a permanent mark in the carpet?

Well, it really depends on what has been spilt, the age and the type of the carpet. A good rule of thumb is approximately a week, especially with substances like red wine or coffee that is acidic based.

Salt for stains on carpet - DIY stain

Okay, time to own up, yes I am very clumsy by nature and have certainly been known to spill a drink or two in my life. I am not quite sure why, but it seems that any drink that has the potential to stain will be the drink that I will spill. Having said that, I have become a bit of an expert in DIY stain removal. Despite what most people think, red wine can be reasonably easy to remove. The secret is to get to it straight away.

Now, to treat a stain you do not need a load of expensive stain removal products. Often many products that are lying around the house can be used. My favourite for red wine I admit would have to be salt. Now I am not saying it is any better than many of the other home remedies but it is just a fascinating one to use. After spilling the wine, place an old towel or rag over the wine to draw out what you can. Make sure you do not rub. Then get your salt container and cover the stain completely with the salt. You need to use quite a bit. Watch how the salt draws out the wine, you can see it working immediately. Leave the salt to dry and vacuum off the following day. Never rub a stain if you are unsure how to get it out.

A good rule for stains is if you are unsure what to use on it just keep it wet to prevent it setting then seek professional advice. Some stains will need a qualified carpet technician to professionally remove it. If you are having a problem with stains please call our office today in Capalaba, talk with one of our friendly office staff….YES, we service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

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