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How often you should clean your carpet according to science

According to Science

carpet science

Nothing beats the feeling of clean, fresh carpet under foot, especially in winter. Your carpet acts as your home’s air filter, with dirt and pollutants settling into the carpet fibres which even the most rigorous vacuuming routine can’t remove. So how do you remove the dirt, dust and pollutants once they’re in your carpet? The best way is what is known as steam cleaning. Regularly steam cleaning your carpets is the best way to remove the dirt and dust from your carpet fibres leaving you with clean, fresh feeling carpet. Recent studies have shown carpet to contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Steam cleaning your floors will essentially remove the germs residing in your carpet as well as stains.

Maximise The Life Of Your Carpet

new carpets - maximise the life of carpet

Carpets represent a significant investment for most households so it’s natural you would want to maximise the life of the carpet. Regular, professional steam cleaning will not only improve your interior air quality it will actually extend the life of the carpet. Another recent study has found interior air quality to be 10 times worse than exterior air quality and the results just got worse when looking at homes that did not regularly clean the carpets, upholstery and drapes.

Steam Clean Your Carpets Regularly

steam carpet cleaning

Professional steam cleaning every 6-12 months is the best way to protect your carpet and your family’s health. But what do we mean when we talk about steam cleaning? Basically, when looking at a carpet cleaning you have the choice of dry cleaning and what is know as steam cleaning. The Australian Standards recommend “steam cleaning” more accurately known as the “hot water extraction method” – it gets the pseudonym “steam clean” from the steam that rises from the machine when in use. The hot water extraction method actually involves hot water being simultaneously pulsed into the carpet fibres and sucked up by an industrial vacuum. The hot water collects the dirt and pollutants sitting deep in the carpet pile and the vacuum sucks the pollutants and the water up and out of your carpet. The hot water also helps in killing the bacteria residing in your carpet fibres. Dry cleaning only cleans the surface of the carpet pile, giving it the appearance of being clean but leaving most of the health harming bacteria and pollutants in your carpet fibres.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

At Results Home Services, we only use the hot water extraction method and our qualified technicians have the experience and skill to take care of and clean your carpets and upholstery, whatever the fabric or make. Our technicians like to say they’ve seen everything, from red wine stains, pet urine and faecal stains, soft drink, vomit and grease. Whatever you’ve spilled, our technicians can look after you and give you the best advice moving forward.

Servicing Greater Brisbane

Results Home Services service all of Brisbane from the Northside suburbs of Eatons Hill, Albany Creek and Ferny Grove to the outer suburbs of Algester, Sunnybank, Forest Lake and Springfield Lakes. Call us now on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our trained and friendly staff about what we can offer you.

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