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How Clean Carpets Can Improve Your Health

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It’s that time of year again when cold and flu start to run rampant and all you can do is avoid the people with red noses and glassy eyes. Walking through public places like shopping centers, playgrounds or restaurants becomes like a war zone, dodging every cough and avoiding every sneeze that may come your way. Catching a cold or the flu is the last thing anybody needs, with the days (or weeks) of feeling lethargic and achy before the actual symptoms present themselves and you’re going through a whole box of tissues in a single sitting.

So anything you can do to avoid the dreaded cold/flu and the weeks of fatigue and achy joints would be well worth doing right? You can do the obvious things like getting a flu shot, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables or take vitamin C supplements for the more enthusiastic of us and practice good hygiene. Small things like washing your hands with soap and water regularly vastly reduces the chance of contracting said cold/flu. Wiping down benches and surfaces at home and generally keeping a clean home also greatly helps in warding off sickness.

Surprisingly, many people don’t think about their carpets as needing to be cleaned. You vacuum regularly so they should be clean right? Wrong. Your carpet acts like your homes’s air filter, collecting all the dirt and bacteria that has been brought in by the air and foot traffic. This dirt and bacteria settles deep into the carpet fibres where your vacuum can’t collect it. The Australian Standards recommend you have your carpets cleaned using the hot water extraction method at least every six to twelve months to clean out the dirt, dust and other pollutants lurking in your carpet pile.

At Results Home Services we only use the hot water extraction method as it delivers better results every time. The hot water we pulse into your carpet fibres not only collects dirt and dust, it kills bacteria. So Results Home Services will leave you with clean, fresh carpets that feel soft underfoot. Professionally cleaned carpets not only make for a healthy home but regular cleaning will extend the life of your carpet by removing abrasive pollutants that fray and wear on the carpet fibres.

So it’s not the first thought when thinking about protecting you and your family against cold and flu this season but getting your carpets cleaned before flu season hits is a great way to make sure there is no nasty bacteria lurking in your carpets.

Get your carpet steam-cleaned professional cleaned on a regular basis will ensure that your carpet fibre are healthy and cleaned from the depth. Call Results Home Service 07 3823 2500

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