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Top Five Carpet Cleaning Myths

Steam carpet cleaning

Carpets represent a significant investment for any home or business so it’s important to ensure they are maintained properly to avoid a carpet cleaning blunder costing you hundreds and possibly thousands in carpet restoration or replacement. Having been cleaning Brisbane carpets for over 25 years we have the knowledge and experience to maintain and look after your carpets and offer the best advice for those times you’ve spilt a glass of red wine or your pet has created a mess on your beautiful carpet.

As we have been in the business for so long, believe us when we say we have seen it all. From all kinds of stains to all kinds of carpet and upholstery. We’ve also heard all kinds of myths plaguing the industry that need to be quelled once and for all.

All cleaning methods are created equal

scales comparing steam cleaning to dry cleaning carpets

The age old debate: Dry Cleaning vs the Hot Water Extraction Method has continued for many years. Some people favour the dry cleaning method as the carpet is dry to the touch after the cleaning has been done. However, most people can agree the Hot Water Extraction Method is the superior method of cleaning carpet as it pulses hot water deep into the carpet fibers whilst simultaneously sucking the water along with the dirt, dust and grime it has collected. There are few different types of dry cleaning but the issue with all of them is they don’t offer a deep clean. Dry cleaning methods only clean the surface carpet fibers leaving behind the dirt and dust deep within the carpet fibers. This is why at Results Home Services we only use the hot water extraction method as it delivers the best results every time.

“My carpet is still fairly new so it doesn’t need to be cleaned”

This myth is an oldie but a goodie and we hear it quite frequently from people who have replaced their carpet in the last five years. The fact is, regardless of whether the carpet is new or old it still collects dirt and dust. Dirt and grime is carried into the carpet fibers by foot traffic or brought in on a breeze through open windows and doors. Whilst the dirt, dust and bacteria pose a certain health risk to the occupants it also wears away at the carpet fibers causing them to fray. So cleaning your carpets will not only make for a cleaner, healthier home it will also help protect the carpet from damage and even extend the life of the carpet.

DIY carpet cleaning is just as good as a professional carpet clean

This is a myth put out by the manufacturers of DIY carpet cleaning machines and we’re all so eager to believe it because DIY carpet cleaning seems cheaper than hiring a professional. We say “seems” because of the number of times we have had to come in after someone has tried to DIY clean their carpets only to cause damage to the carpet that was beyond their knowledge and skill to fix and they end up paying more than they ever would have if they had just contacted us in the first place.So sure, there are DIY carpet cleaning machines you can buy or even hire from you local supermarket but the issue with many of them is they inject water into your carpet without any means to draw it back up leading to overwetting which is the cause of mould of mildew problems not that far down the line.

Stain removal or flood damage is the only reason to get your carpet cleaned

Flood damage to house - flood damage carpet cleaning

Your carpets are used every day and every day foot traffic brings in a plethora of dirt, dust and pollutants which your carpet stores. Your carpet acts as your homes’ air filter collecting and storing not only the pollutants carried in by foot traffic but pollutants brought in on the breeze from pollen to dust and even cigarette smoke. Bacteria and dirt will linger deep in the carpet fibers which is why at least an annual professional carpet clean using the hot water extraction method is ideal. If your carpet sees heavy traffic you should consider having your carpets cleaned every 6 months.

You shouldn’t have your carpets cleaned in winter

Winter time - carpet cleaning

We hear this one quite frequently, people not wanting to have their carpets cleaned as the weather is “too cold and the carpets won’t dry”. In actual fact winter is a great time to get your carpets cleaned. With Winter being the dry season, the chance of long periods of wet weather hindering the drying of the carpets is remote. When Results Home Services cleans your carpets they are walk in dry in just 1-2 hours (yes, even in winter). This is because we have the proper equipment and experience to not “over wet” your carpet so you don’t have to spend hours and hours waiting for them to dry.The best thing about having your annual carpet clean in the Winter months is you can usually get whatever appointment time you want as the Winter period is typically a quieter season for carpet cleaning. The other great thing about having your carpets cleaned in winter is they stay cleaner and fresher for longer as most people keep their doors and windows closed preventing dirt and other pollutants drifting in and settling in your carpet. At the end of the day your carpets are a significant investment that you want to last as long as possible so it makes sense to have to maintain the carpets to get the most out of them. You wouldn’t neglect your car by not performing the necessary maintenance, so why neglect your carpet? When hiring a carpet cleaner it really is a matter of you get what you pay for. If you see a deal that is just too good to be true it probably is.

Why not call Results Home Services today and ask about our all inclusive carpet cleaning services. We don’t sting you with faux optional extras like pre-vacuuming with our HEPA filtered powerhead, sanitising, deoderising, carpet conditioners or dustmite treatments, these are all included in our complete carpet cleaning service. We stand by our work and guarantee all the work we do.

So call us on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our friendly staff about what we can offer you and don’t forget to ask about our great pest control packages which will save you time and money.

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