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Dog Urine on your Carpets

Dog Pee On Carpets Or Upholstery Should Be Treated Immediately!!

Whether you have a brand new energised puppy or a dear old farty dog that you love to bits, the chances are you will have to deal with a few urine accidents on your also much loved carpet.

Pet urine can cause permanent damage to both carpets and hard surface flooring and creates a very unhealthy indoor environment. When your pet first urinates on your carpet, the urine is on the acid side of the pH scale and this is the best time to remove it. Once it dries, it turns “alkaline” and becomes more difficult to remove.

When your dog leaves that unwanted calling card on your carpet, the urine not only soaks into the carpet, it will also soak down and spread into the backing and underlay of the carpet. The size of the stain you can see is normally a lot smaller than the size of the affected area in the backing of the carpet, the underlay and the floor surface. The warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which begins to flourish almost immediately. As the urine stain dries, it begins to oxidize and reacts with the carpet to create a colour change, which will become permanent if the urine is not removed immediately.

Treating Urine Stains

At Results Services, we can respond to your emergency quickly and with no fuss. We have carpet technicians that have full training in “body fluid” stain removal on hand. Not only can we remove the stain, but we also specialise in ensuring that the carpet is safe and healthy with no nasty bacteria or residue left behind.

All our pet urine stains are treated with a Bio-gradable bio-enzyme treatment; this is a very important process in treating any “body fluid” as it basically eats up any bacteria. A urine stain left in the carpet and not treated properly `will dry up and stay in the carpet as alkaline salt deposits. The bacteria do not die off on these dry deposits, they just go into a hibernated state, waiting for moisture to return. This is why once we get wet, humid conditions you start to notice the urine smell has come back. The fact is that the problem never left, the bacteria just went to sleep for a little while.

Children, toddlers, infants and young animals such as puppies or kittens or even senior animals can be very hard on carpets and for that reason we highly recommend that protection should be included with your regular carpet cleaning service. Most modern carpets come with applied protection, but this wears off over time. Protection prevents the carpet fibres from staining as quickly and buys you time to remove the stain without damaging the carpet.

If you would like to maintain and look after your carpet with the comfort of knowing that they are being cared for by well-trained professional carpet cleaning technicians then call us for more information or to book a carpet cleaning service today.

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