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Pest Control - Brisbane and Surrounding Suburbs

We’re here to get rid of the pests, without harming the environment.  

From mice to cockroaches, pests are the most unwanted visitor to your home. But while they need to be taken care of, we believe in doing so responsibly, safely and with minimal environmental impact. To that end, we use premium, toxin-free products (such as synthetic pyrethroids) that are not only fragrance-free, but they’re also friendly to pets, people and the planet!  What’s more, we stand by the work we do, offering a one-year guarantee on most of our pest control services.

General Pest Control
Carpet Case Moth
Termite Protection
Black Ant Pest Control
Rodent Control
Mosquito Pest Control
Bed Bug Pest Control

 Safe pest control using premium, safe and effective products that are friendly to pets, people and the planet.

Rid your home and yard of black ants with quick and effective black ant treatment. Gauranteed.
We use the latest technology, including thermal imaging cameras and the most advanced termite control systems.
Rodent pest control.jpg

If you think you have a major rodent problem or a small rodent problem, we have fast and effective methods to address all levels of infestations.

Bed Bugs.jpg
Bed bug pest control treatments that are fast working and include an ongoing program to prevent re-infestations.
mosquito-pest control

Latest solutions in providing a mosquito-free yard for the entire family to enjoy.

Carpet Case Moth.jpg

 If carpet case is a problem then we have the solution.

Tick Control

The latest solutions for providing a tick-free zone around your property to protect your family and all your pets from ticks.

Fly pest Control.JPG

Fast working and long-lasting fly control without having to constantly pollute the air with aerosol chemicals or bug zappers.

Borer Pest Control

Don't let borer damage your timbers. We have the right solution to control borer infestation. 


Quick and effective control of funnel and problems in your yard.

Spider Pest Control.jpg

For many, spiders are scary. Let us take care of all your spider problems.

Funnel Ant Pest Control
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