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Move Out Carpet Cleaning

Rental move out carpet cleaning

Moving is a big enough headache without adding carpet cleaning to an already long list of tasks on your to-do list. Whether you are moving in or out of an apartment, home or office space, you want to ensure you recover the security bond. Call Results Carpet Cleaning Services for professional move in-out carpet cleaning services and check that chore as complete!

Rental move out carpet cleaning with all the extras:

No one wants to lose money, but it’s especially critical for students or young families moving out of a rental apartment/home to be able to have that bond placed back into your bank account. Our end of lease carpet cleaning service assists in securing your bond is returned when moving out of a rental unit.

Reliable and hassle free move out carpet cleaning and pest control service

We use the warm water extraction method (you may know it as a steam carpet cleaning) to give your carpets a deep clean without leaving residue on the carpet. Special attention is given to your carpets before the clean. Our fully qualified carpet technicians spend more time than most on your carpet cleaning, ensuring your carpets are brought back to the best condition possible.  If your lease has the option of pets, you may also need to get a compulsory flea treatment, so be sure to check our move-out packages.

Move Out Carpet Cleaning Cleaning Brisbane

If you rent and have a pet, your property manager may require you to have a full flea treatment carried out to all carpeted areas and or including outside areas. We package a full flea treatment with our move-out carpet cleaning, and on the full payment, you will receive documentation with our invoice for you to present to your property manager, to help with your bond refund.  The best part about our move-out  carpet cleaning and pest control package is that we back all our work 100%. If your property manager raises an issue with any of our work, we will deal with this quickly to ensure that there is no delay in you receiving your entitled bond refund.

bond carpet cleaning with pest control

Why is a "move in" carpet cleaning such a good idea?

Quite simply, even if the carpets have been cleaned by the previous tenants, you do not know who cleaned it or what was use to clean the carpets.  It's a bit like when you buy new clothes, most people will wash them first before wearing the item as you just don't know who has handled it or where it has been stored.  Often stains like pet urine and other body fluid have not been properly sanitised.  If the carpets have been dry cleaned, then you can be assured any deep-down stains will quickly reappear.


Having the carpets cleaned by a company you trust before you move in will give you the security and comfort knowing that you are not moving into a possible unknown health hazard or a bond issue later down the track.  Being in control of who cleans your carpet will allow you to settle into your new home with peace of mind.

move in carpet cleaning

Commercial office or retail move in/out carpet cleaning

Commercial move out carpet cleaning
Commercial carpet cleaning - results home services

Are you relocating your business and need to have both the carpets in the office you are moving in and out of carpet cleaned?  Our commercial carpet cleaning service can quickly arrange a full service at both premises, which can include a complete pest control so that you can enjoy a clean, fresh and pest free start to your new location.

Your carpet cleaning options

The Results team is committed to helping you. Our reputation is built on providing carpet cleaning and pest control that works. Our professional carpet cleaning service leaves your carpets clean, fresh and rejuvenated.

We also offer competitive packaged cleaning services for carpet, upholstery as well as tile and grout cleaning and pest control. Call Results Home Services today 07 3823 2500

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