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Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Upholstery Cleaning & Protection 

 Results Home Services upholstery cleaning service is the fastest and most affordable way to restore fabric, vinyl, suede or leather furniture to its original showroom lustre. Results Home Services professionals will come to your home or office location to provide complete upholstery cleaning services. We can also clean upholstery in automobiles, vans, buses, boats, yachts, clubs, and churches or any place where upholstered furniture needs cleaning and protection.

 Leather furnishings can last for generations with just a little protection and cleaning—the number one stain we treat while leather upholstery cleaning is left behind by hair oil and sweat. Sweat and body oils mix, and are absorbed into the leather. Leather likes moisture, and when it’s not treated with a protective shield, it drinks moisture from the air and also from seated occupants.


Put The Lustre Back Into Your Leather Upholstery

Do you have older chairs or lounges that have turned a darker shade than when you purchased it? 

You will notice this mostly on the seats and where arms and heads.  The darkening occurs after the leather absorbs oil and sweat from the seated guest.  Over time, the oils attract dust and smoke from the air.  These particles bind with the oil and leather, changing the colour. Often the leather hardens and cracks. This oily grime is tough to treat with common household cleaners.  Some cleaning products can cause severe damage to the material.

 For the best choice in leather upholstery cleaning, our technician will perform a simple test in an inconspicuous area of the leather covering—the technician checks for colour transfer or marking.  Once the leather type is identified, the technician applies a specialised cleaning detergent with a cleaning cloth and soft bristle brush. This process is for cleaning upholstery stains, removing body oils, sweat stains, other stains and grime. 

Leather Maintenance and Stain Protection

Stain Protection on Leather Upholstery

Your service technician may advise on any additional preparations for protecting leather upholstery such as a leather feed to ensure the longevity, suppleness and protection of your leather upholstery from stains.  Leather feed also extends the life of your leather upholstery and keeps it looking and smelling new.

Upholstey Protection - Brisbane Company

Protect your upholstery from dirt and stains

leather upholstery Brisbane Company

Upholstery Cleaning

We can clean almost any type of fabric

Have your carpets cleaned at the same time!

There’s no need to neglect the carpet while we do leather upholstery cleaning. The more services we can provide during an appointment, the better value you receive.  We can leave an entire room of furniture looking and smelling fresh, colourful and protected.

Upholstery Cleaning packages

Why not do the same for your carpet?  Packaged services apply to home and commercial furnishings, as well as vehicle and boat carpet & upholstery cleaning. Contact Results Home Services today at 1300 498 887 and we’ll leave your furnishings looking new tomorrow.

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