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Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

Tile and grout cleaning procedure

Grout and tile cleaning service that will have your  tiled floors and walls looking like new again

Our 5-Step Approach to Tile and Grout Cleaning
Step 1:
Stone and Material Identification

Just as a Geologist will test and sample rocks to determine their type, the Results technician identifies the stone and grout composition. He also evaluates what the stains are made up of in order to identify the optimal cleaning process.

Step 2:


The area to be cleaned is pre-treated where appropriate to break up fat, grease, and oil. The grout lines are then agitated to prepare them for further cleaning.

Step 3:


The technician uses a device that is unique to Results Home Services, an edging tool. The edging tool uses high-pressure water and high-powered suction simultaneously to extract grime from edges of the tile and grout.

Brisbane tile and grout cleaning
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Step 4:

Rotary Extraction

Next, we apply our revolutionary rotary extraction tool to scrub the rest of the surface, utilising two high-pressure, rotating nozzles to agitate and extract all remaining soils.

Step 5:

Sealing & Drying

To get more longevity out of your tile, we recommend applying a protective sealant to protect the tile and grout from absorbing spilled material like oils, coffee and dyes. This sealant also assists with continued maintenance and removal of any future soiling.

Once the sealant is applied to the cleaned surface, then the area is completely dried with large air movers.

Brisbane tile and grout cleaning
Sealing and drying tile and grout cleaning
Dirty tiles before a tile clean
Brisbane tile and grout cleaning



Brisbane Tile and Grout Cleaning


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Leave your tile and grout cleaning chores to Results Home Services. Are you planning on selling your home?  Increase the resale value of your home with clean tiles and grout.  Call us: Ph 07 3823 2500.

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