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Steam Carpet Cleaned Carpets

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Standard Carpet Cleaning

  • Pre-Vacuum
  • Stain Treatment
  • Sanitising & Deodorising
standard steam carpet cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning of Carpet
carpet steam cleaning - Brisbane

Deluxe Carpet Cleaning

  • Stain Treatment
  • Pre-Vacuum
Deluxe Carpet Cleaning
  • Sanitising & Deodorising
  • Steam Cleaning of Carpet
  • Rotary Carpet Massage
Delux Carpet Cleaning - Steam Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure

Step one:

Includes a pre-cleaning inspection and testing of your carpets for colour fastness and fabric identification.  We vacuum with our allergy-friendly HEPA filtrated cleaners.  The vacuuming removes loose dirt, dust, allergens and other particles.  Removing these from the carpet reduces wear and tear and also prevents the crud from re-circulating into the air.  The final pre-treatment is to pre-spray the fabric with safe carpet detergents prior to the main carpet cleaning process.  This is a strategy recommended by the Australian Standards 3733 for carpet cleaning. The pre-spray starts to break down oils, dirt and soils that are embedded deeply into the carpet.

pre vacuum with HEPA filter
Step two:

Includes FREE stain treatment, sanitising and deodorising. Other companies add on fees for these services. They are standard for all our cleaning services.  We also clean the hallway complimentary and apply a deodoriser to the carpet to leave it smelling fresh without heavy chemical smells or perfumes.  The stain treatment removes light, everyday stains. Super tough stains such as red wine or coffee stains may incur extra charges if they do not lift using our standard process.

Step three:
Stain removal

We move into the carpet conditioning stage.  Similar to conditioning your hair, we use a conditioner to leave the carpet smooth, shiny and protected from sun and dirt. This treatment also helps to remove chemicals and soils from your carpets.  This is a critical step for wool carpets as it helps maintain the correct pH in the carpet fibres. This will considerably prolong the life of your carpets.

carpet conditioner
Step four:

We inject fresh, clean water into the carpets while simultaneously applying a high suction vacuum to remove all the detergent, water and the soil that was previously locked into the carpet fibres. This is called hot water extraction cleaning (steam cleaning) – The Australian Standards 3733 for carpet cleaning states that this is the best method for a deep clean of your carpets.

Deluxe clean:
Steam carpet clean

The 5-Stage carpet cleaning program follows the same steps as the standard 4-Stage carpet cleaning system, using the hot water extraction method (Steam Cleaning).  The deluxe 5-stage program adds in the rotary carpet massage step right before the final carpet conditioning step. The rotary carpet massage ensures a deep-down clean that helps to rejuvenate and lift the carpet pile. The rotary action restores life into your carpets, leaving them in the best pristine condition possible. If you want to get a renewed carpet look, then the 5-stage carpet cleaning process is the best option. For light maintenance carpet cleaning, or move in/move out carpet cleaning, the 4-stage process will do the job and save you a few dollars.

5 starge premium clean
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