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Upholstery and fabric cleaning on boats Brisbane
Fabric and Uphostery cleaning Boats

Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning for Boats and Yachts

Results Home services have over 30 years of experience in Carpet and Upholstery cleaning

Whether you have a super yacht or a weekend cruiser we have the staff and equipment to freshen up your boat.  Our trained staff have the latest high powered portable extraction cleaners that means we can safely clean the carpet & upholstery at either your private marina or any marina based in the greater Brisbane area.


Our qualified carpet cleaning technicians are spot removal specialists and understand the unique and harsh stains that boat carpets and upholstery can get from exposure to the sea.  We can restore your carpet or upholstery appearance to that new look and provide a much healthier environment for you and your guests to fully enjoy their time spent on your boat.

upholstery cleaning on boat

Protection for your Boat Upholstery

Upholstery protection on Boats and Yachts

Consider protection for your boat's carpet and upholstery.  Fabric protection will help prolong the life of your upholstery and protect the fabric from abrasive conditions including salt spray, UV damage and is a great way to protect the fabric from unfortunate accidental stains like red wine or rum & coke! 

Pest Control for the Boat

Many boat and yacht owners often overlook the importance of regular pest control for the internal areas of their boat.  It's not only cockroaches and spiders that may decide to take up residence in your boat, it is not uncommon to see ants also taking advantage of a water view apartment. While having pests on your boat can be embarrassing and annoying it also can be potentially dangerous as these pests will often harbour around  and damage electrical fittings and wires causing fires.

Pest control at marinas

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At Results Home Services we are able to package together a full carpet cleaning service with leather upholstery cleaning and vinyl cleaning.  We also specialise in tile and grout cleaning and external all weather carpet cleaning. We can also clean wall carpet, head liners and other soft furniture on your boat  

Call us at Results Home Services to arrange a free onsite quote to help restore your yacht to the “pride of the fleet” look you got when you first stepped aboard your boat.  We service all Brisbane marinas and Sanctuary Cove marina including private residences.

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Sanctuary Cove Upholstery cleaning
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